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It is the legal responsibility of the owner or landlord selling or renting out a residential property to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The EPC must be provided free of charge to prospective tenants at the earliest possible opportunity and must also be made available to the individual who eventually takes up the tenancy.

This is as a result of a directive initiated by the EU to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. If a landlord or seller fails to provide the energy efficiency certificates they are liable for a fine.

We take the strain out of the certification process for sellers and landlords of residential properties. You deal directly with the accredited assessor who is responsible for your EPC.

When producing your energy efficiency certificate your assessor will take a survey of your property taking into account such factors as:

  • Location
  • Wall construction and size of the property
  • Hot water and heating systems
  • Insulation and glazing

This information is procssed within a short space of time to produce your Energy Performance Certificate. Whilst conducting the survey we can also offer advice as to the most cost effective ways of improving your energy efficiency.

A domestic (dwelling) Energy Performance Certificate is valid for three years.

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